KALEIDOCO is a technology company built for Web3 experiences.


Kaleidoco is propelling Web3 and mixed reality entertainment forward through the Particle Ink Metaverse and proprietary technologies that inspire and connect. We are creating the future of storyliving through augmented reality which allows us to stay grounded in our physical environment while benefiting from the boundless potential of the digital world.


Kaleidoco's original transmedia property brings you to the doorstep of the metaverse.

AR BLOCKCHAIN GAMING - Existing in parallel with our own reality, the 2.5th is on the brink of battle. Using creativity and community you must help the Lumins defeat the Ink God and his army.

LIVE EXPERIENCE - Mixed Reality Storyliving Global Portals give you additional access to discover and interact within the the 2.5th.

INTERACTIVE AR NFt - These NFTs are your unique player in the 2.5th. They give you distinct and enhanced access to all of the touchpoints of the Particle Ink Metaverse.

AR ACTIVATED ECOMMERCE - Storyliving E-Commerce allows the lore of the 2.5th and your NFTs to travel with you wherever you go.


Kaleidoco has developed sophisticated proprietary tools to enable the creation of purposeful experiences.

AUGMENTED UNIFICATION - Utilizing one's camera, proprietary technology enables natural interaction between the virtual and physical worlds by detecting objects, spatial dimensions, scene context, and their innate functions.

AUGMENTED DISPLAYS MULTI-SURFACE - Enhances interactivity via images projected into a spatially-aware three-dimensional physical environment.

AUGMENTED REALITY MULTI-VIEWER - Application enables community based experiences by allowing users to view the AR simultaneously from any angle in real time.

Who we are

Kaleidoco is made up of technologists, artists, innovators and storytellers.

Jennifer Tuft
Cassandra Rosenthal


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